Faster Table Turn

Guests can quickly order when seated and pay when they are ready. No need to wait for the server.

Waiters Manage More Tables

With guests sending their own orders to the kitchen, servers can focus on providing better customer service to a larger number of tables.

Order from Anywhere

Servers no longer have to wait in line to enter each order into the POS system. The POS system is now in the palm of their hands.

Fun interactive experience

The digital menu brings an exciting new experience with vibrant food images and customizations. As well as news, games, and more.

Reduce Guest Waiting Time

Eliminate the guest frustration of waiting around for a server. Guests can order and pay on their own time.

Call Server Button & Messaging

Give guests the accessibility to message a server for more water or a spill at the table or simply press “Call Server”.

No More Printing

Change your menu easily or add a promotion with the click of a button! No need to reprint your menus. Cut down costs and save a few trees!

Increase accuracy, decrease waste

With entrée pictures and available customizations, guests can order food with more confidence and less errors.

Flexible & Affordable

Set up an easy, affordable monthly plan. No heavy upfront fees so you can protect your cash flow.

Strategic Upselling

Guests can see the option to add bacon to a burger for just $0.49. While a guest is eating their entrée, advertise that chocolate cake where they simply press “Order Now”!

Game/Merchandise Revenue

An optional feature to provide fun games for everyone to play for just $0.99! Advertise restaurant merchandise that can be bought right at the table.

Loyalty/Email Programs

Guests can sign up directly at the table to join email and loyalty/member programs. Engage and interact with your guests through email and social media like never before!