Set up

What devices does Seed Digital Menu work with?

  1. Clover Stations
  2. Clover Mobile
  3. Clover Mini

My menu is not copying over correctly. How can I fix this?

During the installation process, Seed imports your categories, menu items, and modifiers. These can be edited by visiting on your laptop or PC. You may also access the Seed Digital Menu app from you Clover Dashboard on your laptop or PC although it is highly recommended that you use the Seed Manage Site. 

Can I install and run setup on my PC?

Seed Digital Menu needs to install and go through setup on any Clover Device. When installing/setting up Seed on your Clover device, it pulls information like menus, menu items, modifiers, employees and their roles. After installation and setup has been completed, you can open the Seed Manage site on your PC/laptop through the app market. Please refer to the Setup Guides below.

What size do my pictures need to be to look best?

It is recommended to use pictures 2 MB and under. High resolution images with a size higher than 3 MB is not recommended. It is best to use JPG or PNG files and with a height of 752 px and a width of 1125px. Seed will automatically resize the image for the smaller thumbnails.

Do I have to use a Kitchen Display Screen?

Please contact Clover directly as they are the supplier of your hardware. Seed is compatible with the Clover Station and Kitchen printers.

Do you offer onsite training?

Set up easy and you can find training and support documents at Once installed our apps come with installation and training materials. Although they are easy to use some Merchants may prefer additional help. You may email us any questions at

If you would prefer to have one on one remote training in set up and use with your key staff, or if you would like Onsite training this is service we provide for an additional fee. For training and set up options please call 425-296-7409 ext 1.

How long does set up usually take?

The complete set up time really depends on the size of your menu. The process of transferring menu information from your POS to seed only takes a matter of minutes and is automated. To take advantage of the features within our app you must further customize your set up. For instance customizing your menus includes setting up your subcategories, menu items, menu item pictures etc. This can all be done from the Seed Manage Site and we suggest this be done during closed hours or slow times.

Can you set my menu up for me?

Yes we can! We would be more than happy to help set your menu up for you for a small fee.

Contact us at or call 425-296-7409 ext 1 between 6am and 2pm PST.

We will need a PDF of your current menu emailed to us and so we can provide you with an estimate to complete your menu setup.

I am using the app TableMapp already. Do I need to keep using it?

When you install Seed Digital Menu, all your tables and layouts you have set up in TableMapp will automatically be transferred to Seed Digital Menu and within SDM you will have an enhanced TableMapp.

Once Seed is completely installed you can uninstall the TableMapp App.

CAUTION: DO NOT UNINSTALL TableMapp within Seed, you must uninstall the TABLEMAPP APP found in installed apps on your Clover.

NOTE: You must once Seed is installed Uninstall the TableMapp App or you will continue to be charged until you have done so. Just call us if you are unsure how to do this.

Technical support

What happens if we have a technical issue late at night? How can we reach technical support? – How do we handle after hour’s tech support if there is a serious issue?

The best way to reach support after hours is emailing In the subject line type “URGENT.” Please tell us a detailed description of what the problem is you’re encountering. Someone from our dedicated team will reach out to you ASAP

Can Seed support multiple languages?

Seed currently does not support multiple languages. However, our team is currently working to add this feature in the very near future!

How do I access Seed Manage (web administration)?

Login to and choose the Seed Digital Menu app from your Clover Dashboard. Another alternative is to visit and login using the email address and Clover pin for you found in the Clover Employees App. Note, only employees with the role of Owner or Manager will have access to the manage site.

My app says that it is loading but nothing happens.

This usually means there was an issue with the connection to the internet. There are two possible solutions

  1. Simply restart the app. All orders and information will be saved so no need to fear losing any orders
  2. If it is a network issue, you may need to unplug your router and let it restart. Leave the router unplugged for 30 seconds. After 30 Seconds, power the router back on.

I think I found a bug. What should I do?

Please email us at to let us know what happened. Our dedicated team will work to fix the issue right away!

How do I perform an update?

With Clover, you will be notified automatically when there is a new update. Simply approve the update on your Clover device and the update will take place.

Additional FAQ