All in one system

Seed Digital Menu functions in different modes to fit YOUR NEEDS. Whether the user is a server, host or owner, there is a mode with the information and layout you need.  All the information you need, all in one system.


An ordering station in the palm of your hand. No more waiting in line at your POS. Send an order to the kitchen directly from the table. Servers have a tool to help accuracy & communication. Increased efficiency through a fast ordering system with the touch of a button. Servers can manage their tables like never before! You can even receive a text from your table allowing instant service and instant satisfaction!

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This feature is not currently available.

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As a restaurant owner or manager, the Seed manager mode lets you view your restaurants productivity and performance from top to bottom. View real time information like waiter performance, kitchen delays, sales & food analytics & customer satisfaction! Manage your restaurant with the touch of a button! All reports are available by day, week, month, and year.

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The host mode includes a table map for monitoring and seating guests, a reservation list,and a waiting list. Hosts can monitor tables and where each table is in their dining experience to better estimate wait times for incoming guests. This mode also includes the features of the server mode for added convenience.

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Please contact Clover direct as a provider of POS equipment.

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